Electronic Engineering
Basic principles and laws of circuits, basic analysis methods
Electrical engineering
The traditional definition of electrical engineering
CNC engineering
Usually, a dedicated computer is used and equipped
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We specialize in representing and operating a series of industrial equipment products from Japan, Germany, the United States, Switzerland and other countries: imported pneumatic tools, grinding products, machining tools, hydraulic tools, electric/manual tools, painting and spraying equipment, lifting equipment and other products. Sincerely focusing on industrial sectors such as aviation aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, automotive production enterprises, shipbuilding, high-speed rail/urban rail manufacturing, nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, etc. Our company has established close partnerships with brand tool manufacturers around the world and can provide various products needed by domestic industrial customers. Our company's main agency products include FUJI original imported pneumatic tools, complete machines, and accessories from Japan, RESIBON core angle grinding and cutting pieces from Japan, FSK industrial grade grinding products from Japan, URYU pneumatic tools from Japan, NITTOKOHKI joints and pneumatic tools from Japan, Donghai welding rods and welding materials from Japan, COMPACT polishing tools from Germany, PFERD grinding products from Germany, full range of German STAHLWILLE manual tools from Germany, SATA automotive spraying equipment from Germany, FEIN industrial grade electric tools from Germany, BOSCH electric tools from Germany, STEINEL welding tools from the United States, Snapon manual tools from the United States, DAREX tool grinding machines from the United States, Switzerland, SIA sandpaper series from South Korea, YG processing tools, central air conditioning maintenance and parts distribution company, adhering to the principle of "customer-oriented" The reputation concept of "valuing, operating with integrity, and serving the people" continuously introduces domestic and foreign brand manufacturers to provide high cost performance products

            cross-border merger

The company is actively communicating with the shareholders of the target company, Jiangxin Zhiben, to complete the acquisition yuan.
Develop intelligent electrical engineering

he project uses 6 transformers for power supply, 5 transformers for power supply, and both sub projects use single circuit external power supply.
Seven axis five linkage vertical turning

Multi axis linkage CNC machine tools for processing marine propellers are high-end key equipment in the field of shipbuilding
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